A Message to Our Loyal Clients

A Message to Our Loyal Clients

In light of the unprecedented COVID-19 Virus situation, we want to assure you and your guests that first and foremost, Bold Catering and Design is committed to the health and wellness of our clients, our teams and to the quality of our safety protocols.

In order to address any apprehension related to your upcoming event, we wanted to inform you of our outstanding health and safety history, which contributes to our overall strong reputation. Bold Catering has proudly been recipient of exemplary results in all of our county health department testing and inspections related to our culinary facilities, food safety and service standards over the past 20 years.  In addition, all of our culinary managers and supervisors are all ServSafe Certified – a nationally accredited program which includes sanitation knowledge and skills.

We also wanted to share with you our relevant standards that speak to our caliber of hygiene practices, which are designed to prevent the transmission of bacteria and/or viruses.

Bold Catering & Design Internal Practices:

Bold Catering & Design Preventative Measures at Events:

Please communicate any additional accommodations with your Sales Manager.

Bold Catering & Design will continue to monitor all appropriate guidelines in order to ensure we are taking excellent care of our events, guests and staff.

We thank you for your business and your trust, as it is our priority that we serve our clients with the upmost quality standards in a responsible and professionally safe manner.

Kris Reinhard
Partner – Bold Catering & Design | Fifth Group Restaurants

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