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Jessica Dankenbrink


Studio 887


Jack Parada

When your rehearsal dinner falls on Cinco de Mayo, you serve your guests the best Tex-Mex in town. Lindsay and Billy’s love of Virginia-Highland’s restaurant The Original El Taco inspired a night to remember: Guests enjoyed El Taco favorites at a festive fiesta in King Plow’s Studio 887, a private event venue with restaurant roots that gave the evening an intimate, dining-out vibe.

Bold tapped into sister company Fifth Group Restaurants to create an authentic experience: Our culinary team spent time in the kitchen with El Taco’s chefs to learn recipes straight from the restaurant’s menu to serve the couple’s favorite dishes at their rehearsal dinner. Guests arrived to El Taco house specialties as passed hors d’ouevres – hanger steak pinchos with arugula & red chimichurri and salt cod fritters with jalapenos, chipotle honey & cotija cheese. At the table, guests shared family-style Mexican pizzas and four types of tacos: fried chicken, roasted chicken, pork cheek & fried fish. Dishes were passed around the table, allowing for a seated dinner with a more casual vibe than a traditional plated meal.

Our designers decked out Studio 887 to make the ambiance match the menu – with picture-perfect results. Vibrant woven Mexican serape blankets were used as table runners and topped with exotic blooms in vintage glass bottles. Long wooden boxes were used as risers for the family-style food, a perfect touch to allow easy-access to shared plates. Custom signs reading “Buen Provecho” and potted cactus plants kept the space warm, welcoming and unique to the couple’s celebration.

Bold loves hearing you describe your dream event – and we love making those dreams a reality even more. From adapting your favorite recipes to feed a crowd to transforming a venue into a themed oasis, Bold will make sure your most memorable moments are perfect from ‘hola’ to ‘adios.’

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