A Colorful Bar Mitzvah

colorful bar mitzvah


Stations, Seated & Served


Steve Bales


King Plow Event Gallery

For a very special boy on a very special day, Bold created a colorful, inviting, and appetizing event. Perfect for the time of year, we offered fresh, seasonal, spring-inspired dishes: Ceviche served in stemless wine glasses, mélange chips, jumbo shrimp salad lettuce wraps with avocado and orecchiette pasta and manila clams with broccolini.

The kids menu included classics like sliders, chicken fingers, pasta and fries, with creative touches like mini chicken pot pies in espresso cups with demi tasse spoons. Finally, a “stir fry slushie station” was a huge hit, with guests watching in wonder as chefs “stir fried” their favorite beverages in dry ice “woks” creating refreshing personalized slushies.

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